"Fundamentals make me a better reader and more coherent writer"

I am an American Born Chinese who was brought up in a bilingual household. For whatever reason, I simply refused to learn Chinese as a kid, and now to my regret, I am not fluent. The shame of my stubbornness, mixed with the expectations of my classmates that I would be a "genius" just because of my race, made me disengage from my studies and not live up to my potential.

That was before I took Sam Cooper's class. In Sam Cooper's class, the environment was prime, and the style that was based on results, which makes sense since the best way for the school to show its effectiveness is through demonstrating superior test scores.

Sam Cooper was very passionate about not only improving my scores but also my study habits and my personality. Previously had tried to teach myself ACT test taking tactics, and saw little improvement. But after his class I scored a 31, a staggering improvement from where I had started.

In a way I learned more from Sam Cooper's class than from my high school English classes because he began from the basics. We started our seminar with grammar structure and sentence construction, and by applying these fundamentals to ACT English, I became a better reader and more coherent writer.

I struggled with English prior to Sam Cooper's class, no... I dreaded English, never getting the grades I wanted. But after that summer, I entered my senior year of high school with enthusiasm, passed English with flying colors, and found myself a lifelong hobby/passion for creative writing, moral philosophy, and poetry. Now I rarely go a day without writing for pleasure.

Sam Cooper's teaching have helped me so much in developing my future. My ACT score and essay writing were such huge factors in my getting accepted to UW-Madison, and I can't imagine where I would be today without his course.

--Samuel Y.

A thorough College Writing Experience

Sam is a wonderful counselor. He helped me develop my own unique voice as a writer and pushed me to dig deeper and find more personal topics that I would never have normally discovered. The self-reflective pre-essay assignments and conversations helped me discover who I am as an individual. He genuinely cares about his students and has helped me not just on applications but on general education, writing, analysis, and introspection, and pushed me to be independent and self-motivated. Sam also does great interview prep, boosting my confidence in presenting myself. If I had to redo the application process again, I would definitely choose Sam as my counselor.

--Brandon L.

1390 -> 2000!

As a former student of Sam Cooper, I believe that Sam is not only a hardworking and skillful teacher, but also an adult who cares deeply about his students and our futures. After taking Sarn's SAT/ACT class, my score improved from 1390 to 2000. Then, as my college counselor, Sam helped me think about deeply about my life and my goals and my community. Besides teaching me how to write my personal statement and additional college essays, he helped me choose courses and start my own charity. Most importantly he taught me the "Ivy-League Minds." that makes me confident I will succeed in whatever I do in the future. With Sam's assistance, I was accepted by Northeastern University, a school that was originally a high reach for me. Sam really knows what he is doing and he is motivated to do things perfectly.

--Gianna C., Morrison Academy Taichung

I was Sam's student for about 2 years and he has been super helpful for improving my scores. He is humorous, intellectual, and an easygoing person to be around with. I would recommend him highly as an SAT teacher and admissions counselor!

--Kelly L.

Under his mentoring, I felt that I could get my own thoughts across to him, comfortably and he would have the patience to listen to what I have to say. His opinions meant a lot since he has a lot of experience with working with students like myself and knows a lot of the situations students are going through. Because of this, he's able to sympathize and relate to the student. Overall, a fantastic mentor and a person who is passionate in his teaching.

--Henry L., Wego High School

I first met Sam the summer before my senior year in Taipei, Taiwan. Like every other almost senior at the time, I was desperate to raise my SAT scores, having only mediocre scores when I took the tests my junior year. And by mediocre, I meant scores along the 1500-1600 range before Sam started tutoring me. I am someone who can get quite nervous when being tutored and am very picky about my tutors. I have received SAT tutoring before from others but it just didn't work out.

Naturally, I was nervous and a little intimidated about meeting Sam for the first time, knowing his background as a Harvard graduate. And to be honest, I was pretty much ready to give up on my SAT scores. I believed there was no way I could do better after taking the test two, three times prior already.

During our first meeting, Sam was very welcoming and began to formulate a plan for us to raise my score, especially my math scores. From the very beginning, he made me feel less alone, and that we were going to counter the SAT together. I Teft the classroom that day feeling a lot more prepared, motivated, and most importantly, encouraged. During our tutoring sessions, Sam was always very patient, encouraging. and understanding. I will always be grateful for Sam's patience, especially when teaching me math. I always get nervous and self-conscious when being tutored on math because it is such a big challenge to me. To this day. Sam is still the only person I feel comfortable with teaching me math. At the end of our intensive SAT tutoring sessions, I was able to score in the 2000 range. After the SATs, Sam also helped me with college application. He was super helpful and is the reason why I am able to apply to so many different universities. He is also the reason why I am able to study at one of my top choices. As a college app consultant, not only did Sam help me with grammar and brainstorming, he was also super organized and kept me on top of my applications. As a current sophomore in university. I think back often to my application days, and realized I really could not have gone through the process without him.

Aside from being my SAT tutor, college consultant, Sam is also a friend. Which in my opinion, is quite Unusual, as I don't see my friends becoming friends with their tutors. Even now in university. I still talk to Sam and he is still there for me to give me amazing advices. To be honest, before coming to university, I was stressed about college and life, Sam gave me one of the best advice that I still reflect on to this day.

Sam is truly an amazing person. Not only is he a professional and truly knows what he is doing. he is a true friend as well. Anyone who works with Sam will see this from the very beginning. Take it from me, if you're worried about SATs or College application, there is no one who can help you more than Sam Cooper.

--Priscilla H.

12 Hours = 5 Points Improvement

Sam tutored my daughter on ACT prep. Prior to going to Sam, my daughter took an expensive 12-week group class that did not improve her score at all. After tutoring with Sam for only 5 weeks (12 hours total time), my daughter's score went up by 5 points (a very significant improvement in such a short period of time.) Sam provided valuable feedback after each session that allowed to better understand her strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend Sam to anyone looking to improve standardized test score.

--Tatiana K.

Sam is undoubtedly a fabulous teacher. Also, he has great temper and attitude in education. I really had enjoyed the summer classes.

--Henry Chen, IBSH

Mr. Sam is a good teacher! He has an ear for the students and never ceases to annoy us with suggestions and tips. Also, he is vegetarian, thus having a smaller carbon footprint (and is more environmentally friendly!!!).

--Albert Chang, IBSH

Sam is a teacher who is straightforward and doesn't hesitate to help you if you ever have any questions. This summer, I learned a lot from his classes and I am sure that any student who takes Sam's classes will not only gain an immense amount of knowledge but also enjoy him/herself while doing so

--Justin Chou, IBSH

Any student can tell that Sam is a teacher that is truly passionate about what he does. Using the expertise he has gained tutoring for many years along with his personal experiences in applying for college, Sam is able to give his students the best skills and suggestions! Sam has definitely succeeded in making six weeks of summer SAT prep fantastic!

--Jasper Yeh, IBSH

One of the best teacher ever!

--Mason Myers, IBSH

Sam inspires students with his passion for education and warm learning attitude. He is constantly renewing himself in order to provide the best learning experience for his students. Sam's class was definitely the highlight of my summer!

--Cynthia Lou, IBSH

"Best Summer Course that Constantly Pushes and Inspires Students"

Dear Alex and Andy,

First off I want to thank you guys for organizing such an amazing summer course. I never expected to have so much fun while learning so much at the same time. Compared to other summer courses and cram schools, Ivy-Way is honestly the best one I've been to. The teachers and TAs are all extremely friendly, fun, and professional at the same time. They are constantly pushing us to become the best versions of ourselves and Lisa has honestly inspired me and the rest of my class not to view SAT as this big monster we're about to face.

Thank you for dropping by sometimes to check up on our individual progress and keeping us in check with both your auras of intimidation (is this a word? According to Andy, a word is a word if used often enough and you want it to be ^_^) Anyways I want to thank both of you again for making my summer in SAT class a fun and rewarding one. Thank you! :)


Perfect 1600

--Ricky Guo, SHSID



--学生家长, 上海

"Stephen is an awesome teacher! He is really good at explaining the concepts and motivating the students! AHHOOH!"


"The teachers are really passionate and nice! They are all willing to help during the study period, and the conversation with them is also fun!"




"Julia gave everyone in class a chance to speak, she is really hardworking at teaching, she use other ways to make example and we had lots of fun in class. If HW could be a little bit less, it would be better. ^_^"



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