Ivy-Way (Summer) SAT Course

Ivy-Way SAT Course is our flagship program that established the "Ivy-Way" name. It is a course that is specially designed for Asian students, yet perfectly suitable for students studying in America. In this course, Ivy League instructors will teach students original test strategies and share their learning experience. Using our systematic learning methods, our students every year improved an average of 250 points!

Placement Test

To maintain our class quality, students need to be similar in their levels. Therefore, we require students to take a 4.5 hour placement test prior to the start of the class, so that similar students are learning together since day 1. In addition, we will closely monitor students' learning progress, and if a student no longer fits being in a particular class, we will immediately transfer him/her to the appropriate class.

Tailor-Made Small Group Classes

Not only do we limit each class to 6-12 students, but they are also 6-12 students who are same in level!

However, we think that is not enough. Although these are small group classes, we understand the importance of making each class tailor-made for its students. Therefore, although our class will start with a set curriculum, our teachers will adjust their lessons according to students' level, needs, and learning speed. Since 2010, we have over 100 SAT classes, and no two classes are ever the same.

Proven Learning Methods

In other prep classes, monotonous teachers make classes boring, teachers waste half of the class time on having students do practices independently, TAs may only take attendance and babysit but not teach, teachers may not go over students' homework, and students blindly do mock tests after mock tests. These problems are all resolved at Ivy-Way.

Interactive Learning

Interactive learning makes class fun and make students enjoy being in class. Teachers will constantly ask students to participate, answer questions, and lead discussions. Research shows that "learning" happens when students are able to rephrase newly learned knowledge in their own words, and that is what happens in Ivy-Way classrooms.

2 Teachers Per Class

With a teacher teaching the class and a teaching assistant leading reviews and discussions after class, our teaching staff makes 1+1 greater than 2. In addition, we closely monitor student's progress throughout the semester, informing parents immediately if a student is underperforming.

English Fundamentals

SAT is an English and math aptitude test, so English fundamentals are necessary to beat the test. Memorizing 1500 vocabs in total, passing 3 vocab quizzes each week, and knowing how to use these words properly all lead to better English level, higher test scores, and better preparation for high school and college.

Daily After-Class Review

To learn and digest any knowledge or skill, students must complement in-class lessons with after-class practice. After each class, students will be in our study classroom, where the Teaching Assistant will review materials students learned that day before students do related practices.

Study Group Discussion

College students form study groups with friends to learn more efficiently through discussions. We incorporate this important element of college life into our course to help students learn better and be exposed to their college lives ahead.

Homework Discussion

A taboo in practicing is getting--or guessing--the right answers, but not understanding why. Before each class, the teaching assistant will facilitate homework discussion with the entire class, not to check answers, but to make sure everyone can answer "why" to every question.

Class Schedule

Blindly do mock tests all day is definitely the wrong way to learn anything; first learn the strategies, then review, then practice, is the right way. Our 6-week course contains three main components, each lasts about two weeks:

Daily Schedule

Strategy class -> Vocab quiz -> Material review -> Homework practice -> Small group discussion -> Homework discussion -> Vocab memorization

Part 1: Strategies

Break down the test into strategy points, understanding how the test works.

Part 2: Application

Internalize newly learned strategies, applying them in questions.

Part 3: Practice

Continue to practice using our methods to see drastic score improvement.

Original Materials + Official Practices

Our curriculum is the essence of the course. Since 2006, Alex and our Ivy-Way team have been designing and improving our workbooks, and they are the most comprehensive SAT and English learning materials in the market. In our SAT course, students will use the following materials:

  1. Ivy-Way Grammar Workbook (17 points))
  2. Ivy-Way Reading Workbook (10 points)
  3. Ivy-Way Essay Workbook (10 points)
  4. Ivy-Way Math Workbook (10 points)
  5. Ivy-Way 900 Demonic Mnemonic Words
  6. College Board Official Grammar Practices (31 passages)
  7. College Board Official Reading Practices (45 passages)
  8. College Board Real tests (7 full tests)
  9. Ivy-Way Reading and Grammar Practice Book (10 tests)
  10. Additional supplemental materials according to each class's needs

Teacher-Student Interaction

A teaching staff like ours is non-existent anywhere else in Asia, but our teachers are special not because of their education background and high test scores--after all, we have direct resources with Ivy League students and alums. What makes our young teachers perfect is that we know how to communicate with teenagers. We don't just "teach" students, but instead use our learning experience to motivate students. Throughout the course, our teachers will also share stories on high school life, college applications, and challenges in college. [Learn more about our teachers]

Heavy Workload = Drastic Progress

Ivy-Way SAT Course is known (notorious?) for having a heavy workload. Everyday, students get 2-6 hours of homework, and workload will increase as class progresses. Some students may even say that the workload at Ivy-Way is even more stressful than that in school. However, practice makes perfect; at Ivy-Way, with not just practice, but the right kind of practice, students will see drastic improvement. Our students consistently improve an average of 250 points on the SAT. Moreover, when students have big sibs who can serve as their role models, they will be motivated to do well, and this intangible improvement in students' character is invaluable.

  • Overview

  • Length:6 weeks
  • Class size:6-12 students
  • Prerequisite:Currently in 9-12th grade, or at least 18+ in TOEFL reading
  • Placement test:Yes
  • Level:Various (introductory to advanced)
  • Homework workload:2-6 hours/day
  • Language:English (some Chinese for beginner classes)
  • Dates (2020)

  • 台北:6/15 - 7/14 (第一梯次), 7/20 - 8/14 (第二梯次)

    新竹:7/20 - 8/14

    台南:6/29 - 8/7

    台中:6/22 - 7/31

    高雄:6/22 - 7/31

    南投:7/20 - 8/28

    上海:6/15 - 7/24 (第一梯次), 6/29 - 8/7 (第二梯次), 7/20 - 8/28 (第三梯次), 8/3 - 8/28 (第四梯次)

    杜拜:2020 TBD

  • Discount

  • Group discount:

    2 students: $2,000 NT off per student

    3 students: $3,000 NT off per student

    5+ students: $5,000 NT off per student

  • Early-Bird Discount:

  • Locations

  • 台北:TBD